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Dupont Teflon FEP Film, .005″/.127mm thick, 12″/305mm wide:

.005″/.127mm thick, 305mm/12″ wide Transparent Type A General Purpose FEP Film,  Technical Info.  This Film is useful as the release layer for flexible bottom SLA (stereolithography) 3D printer resin vats (often called a flexvat or flex vat).

This FEP film is perfect for  the release layer for highly tensioned flexvats because of it’s strength and puncture resistance, Example 1, Example 2.

The FEP film is shipped in the length purchased rolled in a tube. For more information leave a comment below I will respond via email.

12 Inch Wide FEP

12 Inch Wide FEP

Purchase Limit: 5 feet every 30 days, purchases over this limit will be cancelled.

I will only ship to the address provided to me by Paypal, if this is not acceptable please do not order.

Shipping will be calculated at checkout prior to payment authorization.

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                                                 Over 1300 feet Of FEP sold!


Drumhead Flexvat For The LittleRP 3D Printer

This tensioned FEP (Teflon) vat for the LittleRP 3d printer gives you a long life vat floor that is both easily and inexpensively replaced when needed.

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LittleRP Flexvat V3

LittleRP Flexvat V3










LittleRP V3 Flexvat Kit Parts

LittleRP V3 Flexvat Kit Parts











The latest version of the LittleRP Drumhead Flexvat allows you to add more resin to the vat without the  resin overflowing as the build plate moves up and down.

The LittleRP Drumhead Flexvats structural components are made of solid cast polyurethane for rigidity, durability and chemical resistance.

The vats FEP vat floor sits approximately 21.5mm above the LittleRP vat mounting platform. If you think you might run into focusing or sizing issues with your dlp projector see this post: 3d Printing Notes 1

The absolute maximum available printing area is 78mm X 58mm.

The bolts needed to hold down the vat need to extend at least 30 mm above the vat mounting platform.  40mm long replacement bolts are included with the kit (M4-0.7 X 40mm), 60mm bolts can be provided if needed.

You will receive the vat partially assembled with a FEP film and gasket mounted in the top clamp plate assembly.

A torque wrench is not needed for adjusting the vat. The included gauge is used to help adjust the FEP tension bolts. The vats clamp bolts should be tightened until the gasket is fully crushed. (see assembly video below)

Replacement laser cut FEP film and gaskets are available for $14.00 for a set of 4 plus shipping (see below).

You may return the vat within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund if you are not satisfied, however, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

The assembly and mounting videos will be updated on 3/20/16

Vat Assembly (Updated 8/2/15), Original Video






Replacement Laser Cut FEP Film and Gaskets For The LittleRP Drumhead Flexvat – 4 FEP, 4 Gaskets.

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