Moved ProjectsInterestsAndEtcetera to a new web hosting provider

I have moved this web site to a new web hosting provider.

This move would have gone smoother had my previous provider not turned off my account 8 DAYS before they were supposed to (It was not supposed to be turned off until 1/8/14) thus causing all kinds of issues (such as my site disappearing from the web). Working on moving a website is not what I wanted to be doing on new year’s eve (I wanted to be wasting time and messing around) but that invoice that my old provider sent me ON CHRISTMAS EVE DATED AND DUE THE 24TH OF DECEMBER FOR THE EQUIVALENT OF NEARLY 10 TIMES WHAT I ORIGINALLY PAID YEARLY just seemed too sketchy so I decided to move on. So I call them (on Christmas Eve) to tell them I would not be renewing my hosting with them, they agreed to not cut off the service until 1/8/14 and sent me an email to that effect. Don’t get me wrong, their service was ok, not stellar, but it was ok (I had been with them over 7 years) but their billing system was messed up.  I thought the whole thing about them billing my bank account 5 times for the same invoice (at 200.00 a pop) after (name withheld to protect the victim) merged with (name withheld to protect the guilty) was a fluke but it has became clear to me that their accounting system has turned into a total hairball and I was tired of dealing with it so I’m gone. Too bad I was beginning to enjoy spending my holidays with my web hosting provider (yeah, right).

Also: This is a wordpress based site, I used the WordPress Duplicator plugin to move it to the new ISP, worked flawlessly, Dr Who should use it next time around.

Highly Recommended.

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