DLP projector for 3d printer

The DLP projector I am using for the 3d printer I’m building is a casio xj-a140 LED based projector. I am using this projector for a number of reasons:

When purchased without the blue led array they can be purchased new “No laser Diodes and Heatsink” for less than 60.00.

With a minor modification (jumpering two circuit board traces) the projectors dlp chip works with hdmi or vga video inputs to the projector without needing any of the original led light sources connected allowing you to use your own light source. I’m using a 20w 405nm uv led to start with.

Even though the casio projectors light path seems complex the modification needed to the light path is almost laughably trivial (moving one mirror gives you a light path straight to the “light tunnel” and thus to the dlp chip bypassing multiple beam splitters and the color wheel).

I may even be able to re-use the “red” led’s housing, lens and heatsink for use with the uv led, if so this is a slam dunk of an easy projector mod, more on this when I get the uv led.

I will have further details of the projector modifications in an upcoming post.


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