Busy couple of weeks

For those interested in the DLP projector project I will be posting additional information in a week or so. Between a daughter graduating from college, the robomagellan competition coming up this weekend and work I have had a busy couple of weeks.

Here is where I’m at since I last posted.
I am re-using optics that are left over from the light path optics to focus the light from the uv led into the light tunnel. It looks like I will only need to use two of the lenses to focus nearly all of the light into the light tunnel. For close focusing I am going to move the entire projection/focusing/zoom lens “module” forward to obtain close focus using a spacer. The projector is very modular and the lens module is mechanically independent from the dlp “module”, it is attached with only 4 M2 screws. I should have details and photos some time next week.


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