Building A DLP 3D Printer

This was just too cool a project to pass up.

A DLP 3D printer is a simpler build than my cnc router was by a long shot. It also seems simpler, at least to me, than the extrusion type 3d printers.

I actually already had most of the parts and materials I needed with the notable exception of a dlp video projector and a motorized linear slide both of which I “scored” at a very good price. I have already modified the dlp projector to accept a high power uv led (more on this in a later post) and am in the process of designing and cutting parts for the few assemblies that are needed (a build plate plate to be mounted on the motorized linear slide, a tilting glass bottomed vat for photo-polymer resin and misc. widgets and gizmos). I figure I will finish it around the end of summer as conestoga takes precedence for the next several months.


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