At The Store: Drumhead Flexvat Kit For The LittleRP

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Updated Flexvat for the LittleRP 3D printer. Uses tensioned FEP (transparent teflon) for the release layer.

LittleRP Flexvat V3

LittleRP Flexvat V3










LittleRP V3 Flexvat Kit Parts

LittleRP V3 Flexvat Kit Parts







Vat Assembly (Updated 8/2/15), Original Video



I decided to delay the LittleRP vat to clear up some issues that I thought made it more complicated than it needed to be.  I had initially intended to “stack” clamp plates to increase the depth of the vat but this had the effect of not only needing to add clamp plates but also gaskets, different length bolts etc.  Adding gaskets also complicated adjusting clamp pressure and FEP tension. Adding clamp plates increased materials costs and added cutting time on the laser cutter so I decided to go back to using an add on vat wall.

The add on vat wall like the riser throat is made of cast polyurethane, the vat wall is bonded to the top acrylic clamp plate using a high grade silicone made for plastics. After finalizing the design I tested the polyurethane vat wall and silicone sealant to make sure they would hold up to commonly used printing resins and not deteriorate. I tested Makejuice and  Fun To Do resins and had no problems.  The resulting vat is easier to assemble, disassemble and adjust.


The vats FEP vat floor sits approximately 21.5mm above the LittleRP vat mounting platform.

The absolute maximum available printing area is 78mm X 58mm.

The bolts needed to hold down the vat need to extend at least 30 mm above the vat mounting platform.  40mm long replacement bolts are included with the kit (M4-0.7 X 40mm), 60mm bolts can be provided if needed.

The kit will sell for $72.00 plus shipping with 4 laser cut FEP films and 4 gaskets . Replacement laser cut FEP film and gasket will be available for $3.50 a set plus shipping.

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