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True Facts (Or Actual facts, Depending) Raccoon vs. Locomotive

Sometime you just have to write about stuff. I live less than 200 ft from a railroad track and about a quarter mile from a railroad crossing. Several years ago the Canadian National Railroad purchased the tracks behind my house … Continue reading

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Conestoga, The Movie

Not exactly Pacific Rim but it does show Conestoga’s front bumper obstacle routine and it moving from one waypoint goal to another. Video

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It’s going to be all robomagellan for the next two weeks or so

I’m spending the time running up to the robomagellan competition pretty much going over conestoga’s python code (4500 lines about 3000 “good lines” the rest is junk code and comments) looking for any bugs or errors and generally cleaning thing … Continue reading

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Conestoga software/hardware work and testing for upcoming Robomagellan

So far so good. I took conestoga out today for some test runs and it hit the gps waypoints like clockwork. On the first run I set the waypoint precision to 3 meters (e.g. if within 3 meters of the … Continue reading

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UV DLP Light Source, update of the update.

Here are a few new photos. The tapered light pipe seems to work pretty well for a quick prototype. I think I can squeeze a little more efficiency out of it by chemically “silvering” the light pipe (it will probably … Continue reading

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